Parallel spiral metal hoses offer a perfect seal and excellent temperature resistance. These features and further peculiarities and specifications make them particularly suitable for the transport of dangerous or delicate fluids.

The improved Stainless Steel Annular Corrugated Hoses, are manufactured to the newly introduced European ISO 10380 Standard. This has been produced to standardise European requirements for design, manufacture and testing of Stainless Steel Hose.

The standard guarantees equivalent mechanical performances of the braided Stainless Steel Hose assemblies, characterised by their dynamic bend radii. Hose assemblies manufactured from Enco® are guaranteed to give a 50,000 cycle life at the maximum dynamic working pressure and the minimum dynamic bend radius assuming that the hose assembly is installed correctly.

This cycle life is affected by changes to either the pressure or the radius. Enco® hose assemblies are manufactured to Quality Control standards in accordance with ISO 9001/2000 , Directive 97/23/CE. As assessed by the DNV Institute.

All assemblies are leak tested (air pressure under water) and Test and material Certification is available to customer requirements if requested at time of the order. Inspection by outside authorities i.e. DNV or RINA is also possible if required.

Our commercial and technical staff is at disposal for developing of bids and for advising about the best solution on different applications. Our workshop is equipped for making high quality weldings thanks to T I G procedures, which are lined up by welding procedure specifications (WPS). And qualified by RINA – DNV Official Authority Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) are issued according to ASME SECTION IX RULES. All our welders are qualified by RINA – DNV Official Authority.