General information: the loading arms are elastic elements that are used for absorbing pipelines movements and vibrations.
In fact any piece of piping which is subjected to temperature changes will expand and contract and this could damage the system that piece of piping is linked up, the same applies to the mechanical vibrations produced by compressors, pumps and turbines.

Matec® Group S.r.l. loading arms are the ideal solutions to such problems.
The basic advantages to be gained from using loading arms are:

  • little space required for installation
  • absorption of movements in multiple directions due their flexibility
  • they require no maintenance
  • they reduce load and temperature loss to a minimum

Matec® Group S.r.l. loading arms are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with EJMA (Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association.), and if specially requested can also be designed according to various international standard approvals:



The basic movements which loading arms are designed to deal with:

– axial movement: compression or expansion along the longitudinal axis.
– angular movement: a curved or bending movement with regards to its longitudinal axis.
– lateral movement: movement of one end perpendicular with regards to its longitudinal axis.

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